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Diminished Scale Étude

I was recently asked to do a lesson for Shant Bajac's YouTube channel. Shant is a great player himself, and I highly recommend checking him out. I had this diminished scale etude laying around and decided to use it for the lesson. I like to use this etude with my students to help them see some of the different triads and seventh chords available within the diminished scale. I have listed some of them below and tried to use many of them in the etude while also trying to incorporate some unique and hopefully interesting chord voicings that can also be found within this scale. I highly recommend doing this kind of thing with any and all of the different scales you learn.

G HW Diminished Scale / Ab WH Diminished Scale

G Ab Bb B Db D E F

Diminished Triads

Gdim, Bbdim, Dbdim, Abdim, Bdim,


Major Triads

G, Bb, Db, E

Minor Triads

Gm, Bbm, Dbm, Em

Diminished 7th

Gdim7, Bbdim7, Dbdim7, Abdim7, Bdim7, Ddim7

Dominant 7th

G7, Bb7, Db7, E7

Minor 7th

Gm7, Bbm7, Dbm7, Em7

Minor 7b5

Gm7b5, Bbm7b5, Dbm7b5, Em7b5

Watch the video and check out Shant's channel below.

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