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Allan Holdsworth: In the Mystery - Vol.1 & 2 Combined - Ebook - $97

Allan Holdsworth: In the Mystery - Vol.1 & 2 Combined - Ebook - $97

When you purchase the book, you will get a PDF of 1,100+ pages. You will get all the transcription Guitar Pro Files:


1. San Onofre - solo only

2. 0274

3. Above & Below

4. The Drums Were Yellow (updated)

5. Texas

6. Material Unreal

7. Home

8. Devil Take the Hindmost

9. Tokyo Dream

10. Low Levels, High Stakes



You will also get the GuitarPro files for two Ètudes and all of the lead sheets:


1. Proto Cosmos Étude

2. "Flat Tire" inspired Étude

3. Tokyo Dream

4. Low Levels, High Stakes

5. Texas

6. Devil Take the Hindmost

7. Letters of Marque

8. Funnels

9. The Sixteen men of Tain

10. 0274


You will also get 20+ audio example files.

The book includes a scale compendium that includes all 1,749 scales, every scale Allan would’ve logged. That is, every 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, note scale that is possible within the chromatic scale.


You also get the scales with the 4-semi-tones or less removed just the way Allan did it. That totals 1,307 scales. You will also get 217 parent scales with names for each one.


There is also a Holdsworth line compendium the lines are categorized by scale. There is a voicing compendium; these are voicings from Allan’s tunes. There is also a Messiaen voicing compendium. These are not Messiaen's voicings but voicings I found intervallic structures for and walked through each of Messiaen's Seven Modes of Limited Transposition using Allan’s approach.


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